pirenejski pies górski stare zdjęcia Pyrenean Mountain Dog loves space and freedom, has natural tendency to be independent. A new owner should remember about this and try to be authority for him. In any case it can be treated strictly because can become a shy and reserved dog.

It needs moderate amount of movement. When every day it can move around all possesion, additional walk is nicely seen but not necessary. These big dogs (females from 65 to 75 cm, males from 78 to 80 cm in withers ) characterise themselves with a strength, agility and outstanding belonging to the owner. It is not the only friend for an adult person but also for children. It is very understanding, it does not feel offended and is not aggressive. These dogs need contact with a human and every day amount of hugging is necessary. It is also not a dog of the one owner, which hardly accepts the rest of the family. I'm emphasising, it is a family dog, which is only and ideal guard.


Pyrenean Mountain Dog is incredibly resistant, as well as doesn't have propensities for diseases on genetic background. I find it that rarely they have hip dysplasia.Pirenejski Pies górski stare zdjęcie Because of the fact that they grow fast and are large, they have diseases from the badly balanced diet, which is leads to joints and bones problems. At the age of being puppies a diet is a key element of further health of these dogs. In the first two years we recommend of ready fullpropotional dog food of good quality, only for puppies and vitamins, which can enable convinient growth of bones. Pyrenean Mountain Dog lives from 9 to 12 years.


     They don't demand special care of their fur. Personally, I brush my dogs two times a week ( not because of being lazy), I bath them only before exhibitions. Brushing them is only for massaging their skin and vanishing old fur and with baths we can't exaggerate. Twice a year, Pyrenean can be a little burdensome because of moulting and then every day brushing is inevitable. But it is a lucky owner of fur, which is often defined as self-cleaner. It's true! Dense and naturally protected with lanolin which automatically loses "dirt". It is important to take care about a condition of the fur in the area of ears and groins. It we neglect this very fast dreads will appear, which will be the reason of painful abrasion. It is also necessary to remember to cut "woolf nails" because they grow and not having contact with a ground they don't wear down like others.

Different names of breed:

 - Great Pyrenees

- Chien des Pyrénées

- Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées

- Pyrenaeen Berg Hund

- Montanés del Pirineo