We are more than happy to inform that on 1st January 2017

our CASSIE Pyrenean Dream  gave birth to 8 puppies - 6 males and 2 females.


more about it on the "PUPPIES"



Dogs have always been with us since I remember. The special sentiment we had for the German Shepherds and Caucasian Shepherds. After passing away of our last Caucasian lovely Bery, I started thinking about establishing our own breeding. I wanted to work with dogs from the begining, see how they develope, have influence on their future psychological structure and behaviour. We had ideal conditions, a large home, plenty of space, experience and time, which I could devote for dogs. I started searching for a dog which could be able to adjust to our reality-small children, surrounding full of small animals like horses, cats, dogs, goats and hens.  It was to be a family dog as well as guard dog. I was looking for.

I found and I fell in love without memory. First in a photo then in 3 months puppy CASSIE Pyrenean Dream in our first Pyrenean Mountain Dog. I have to say that I could not choose better.

It is a wonderful breed of beautiful and noble animals. Currently we have in our breeding two females: CASSIE Pyrenean Dream and her daughter COBRA Pomniejsze Bóstwa.  

Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a marvellous choice for people with a house and a big space around, where this dog could take advantage of it every day. It can be a patient and kind carer for children and for adults, devoted and a loyal friend. Try to get to know this breed. Pyrenean Mountain Dog will not disappoint you.  

Our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs every year take part in plenty of exhibitions, gaining recognition for their beauty, wonderful shape and movement.

The kennel "Pomniejsze Bostwa" (eng. Small Gods - in memory of Terry Pratchet ;) ) has been active since 2012 year. The breeding and our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are registered in the Kennel Club in Poland (ZKwP), which is the only one Polish organisation of this type, belonging to Federation Cynologique Internationale.